The "Dime Piece" Leopard Print Faux Fur Jacket
Edgy, chic, classic and street all in one! Can't beat that! Wear this cropped leopard print faux fur jacket with it's faux fur lined hood with your fav jeans, dress, sneaker and/or shoes and steal the show! Definitely an conversation piece worth wearing!...
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The "Lil Slay Riding Hood" Plaid Cape Poncho
  Come thru Lil Slay Ridin' Hood! This brown/tan plaid and tweed like cape/poncho is perfect while wearing your riding boots and jeans! This bomb cape exudes timeless and  classic and is a keeper for many decades to come! Giving us...
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The "Lady Harlem" Burgundy & Black Pinstriped Wrap Dress
Be the talk of the town when you enter the building donning this one of a kind pinstriped wrap dress. Throw on a fedora (with feather?) and belt and goooo! Classic lines always give for a classic look and this...
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The "Material Girl' Black Knit Sweater Dress
This classic beauty will surely turn heads as you walk thru, with it's tiered ruffle pearl sleeves; who could deny you! Wear with or without belt for a casual look that never goes out of style! Tag states XL, may...
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The "Cecily T" Vintage Sequin Top
Dress this baby up or down; whatever the case, you'll give off iconic vibes while rockin'; this piece here! Blue/purple in color with it's intricate detailed print, this vintage sequin top will surely call for a standing ovation! Tag states size 2X,...
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The "I'll Catch You Later" Abstract Print Top
Stand out from the crowd in this royal blue and metallic gold top/dress! One thing's for sure, you'll be the only girl in the spot with this piece on; a def conversation starter! Can be work as a top or...
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The "You Can't Stop Me" Yellow Wool Blazer Jacket
This classic wool blazer gives off plenty of unstoppable vibes! Wear this a jacket or blazer belted or unbelted, either way; you are stylin'! Not a vibrant yellow but more of a mellow yellow or cream depending on how your...
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